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Java Technology Concept Map

The Java Technology Concept Map is a overview of most of the “official” Java technologies. Quite a nice picture of what we got and how it’s all connected. I wonder if it will be possible to get as a huge printout for the office wall without having to glue up the 18 papers it would take me to print it myself?

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  1. shi Says:
  2. Cheah Chu Yeow Says:
    Hey there,

    I just noticed you sent in lots (more than 10) TrackBack pings to my Thunderbird 0.8 entry. Why is that?

    Just want you to know that the TrackBack doesn’t appear immediately so don’t keep trying if that’s what you’re trying to do.

  3. Audrey Says:

    I work for Dubberly Design Office, the company that designed and produced the map. It is possible to get a printout – just email me your mailing address…

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