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FtpServer available for Maven builds

Starting today, Apache Incubator FtpServer JARs are available from the Apache snapshot repository. This should make it easy to use FtpServer in your Maven 2 build. Just declare the following dependency and you’re done.


Currently, the snapshots will be deployed manually, but I’m working on getting a CI build up and running that would also deploy snapshots automagically.

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  1. James Strachan Says:
    Great stuff! I’ve been using FtpServer as an integration test for the FTP support in Camel…

    and its working very nicely so far!

    Am looking forward to a milestone release :)

  2. James Strachan: Apache FtpServer available in a maven repo | Server software Says:
    […] Niklas mentions that Apache FtpServer is now available in the snapshot maven repo. Great! […]
  3. niklas Says:
    Great to see you finding a use for it.


  4. kawazu Says:
    Cool. Hope it’ll keep more or less up-to-date as ftpserver development moves on. :)

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