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Building Despotify on Ubuntu

Despotify is out, here’s how to build and run it on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libvorbis-dev libpulse-dev libexpat1-dev libncurses5-dev
tar xvf despotify-r761.tar.gz
cd despotify-r761/

Now enjoy your text based GUI

Despotify GUI

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  1. Sam Says:
    Did you get it still working…
    I changed revision number which it sends to spotify server to current revision used in Windows client to stop it sendint upgrade when logging in. I can now login and browse songs but when i try to play something it crashes..
  2. Niklas Says:
    Same luck for me, I’m assuming they’ve made some changes to the protocol. I don’t have the cycles to fully debug it right now but I assume will release a new version.
  3. Despotify en Ubuntu | Netbur Says:
    […] de : Protocol 7 Comparte esta […]
  4. jorgenpt Says:
  5. jorgenpt Says:
    This should say the following, to use the newest version of despotify.

    sudo apt-get install libssl-dev zlib1g-dev libvorbis-dev libexpat1-dev libncursesw5-dev gstreamer0.10-plugins-base libgstreamer0.10-dev libtool

    svn co despotify
    cd despotify/
    make && ./clients/despotify/despotify

  6. jorgenpt Says:
    Very sorry about the doublepost, and there’s also a missing dependency on that list: gstreamer0.10-plugins-base SHOULD say libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0 (see for updated list)

    Kindest regards, Jrgen.

  7. cros13 Says:
    I’ve been using despotify for quite a while. Nice to have a native client. Running Spotify in WINE is all well and good but native is better.

    Access via despotify is for premium users only now.
    I signed up just for despotify access.

  8. Richard Cooke Says:
    When trying to compile the despotify client using the latest version cecked out from SVN I get the following:

    richard@ubuntu:~/despotify/src$ make -s -C clients/despotify -f
    CC commands.c
    commands.c: In function command_process:
    commands.c:102: error: for loop initial declaration used outside C99 mode
    make: *** [commands.o] Error 1
    richard@ubuntu:~/despotify/src$ make -s -C clients/despotify -f
    CC commands.c
    commands.c: In function command_process:
    commands.c:102: error: for loop initial declaration used outside C99 mode
    make: *** [commands.o] Error 1

    Does anyone have any idea what’s wrong?



  9. Richard Cooke Says:
    I managed to fix this problem by adding -std=gnu99 to the CCFLAGS in in the clients/despotify directory.

    However, I now have another problem:

    ../../lib/ file not recognized: File format not recognized

    I think this may be because I am building on 64 bit Ubuntu.

    I added the -m32 flag which seemed to fix this problem to a point. The problem now is:

    `aes.lo’ is not a valid libtool object

    Any light that anyone can shed on this would be very much appreciated.



  10. Staffan Jonsson Says:
    @ Richard

    I’m a newbie, so I really can’t help you.. But take a little chat with the people here:

    I’m sure they will sort things out.
    Good luck
    / Staffan

  11. oliver Says:
    i cant get despotify to work i get the following message – any thoughtss…

    oliver@ubuntu:/despotify-r761$ ./despotify xxxxxx xxxxxx

    despotify by (W0RLD D0M1N4T10N ’08/09 @!#$@!$)
    — a free, open, crossplatform Spotify-compatible client

    read_server_initial_packet(): Status was 0x01, substatus 0x01: Client upgrade required
    read_server_initial_packet(): remote host is
    read_server_initial_packet, upgrade packet:
    4f1b4c50c3afcab4 719506dea02dbe59 6bc500f28899dfff 29ac550441435583 [O?LP????q????-?Yk???????)?U?ACU?]
    8906489c1e365cb6 49f71ad329915b6f fa03fb30a3d265fc c84a181a098e223c [??H??6\?I???)?[o???0??e??J????”?o???`???]
    d3ed2ffca4b186e7 bf1916538b3e513a 5514e5e14ec34e9a 890120c3d4fd92a3 [??/????????S?>Q:U???N?N??? ?????]
    de8dc40a14c1806e 919b37e55d28dfb6 82d8fb43539813f8 c5b845cc59032b45 [???????n??7?](?????CS?????E?Y?+E]
    95f3594c5c00ecc8 013fb9cd52e43b22 aadd1fee24eeb79a 13dd6afda917d24e [??YL\???????R?;”????$?????j????N]
    e00f025a88b9bcfb cb9900af68747470 3a2f2f7570677261 64652e73706f7469 [???Z????????http://upgrade.spoti]
    66792e6e65742f75 7067726164652f63 6c69656e742f7769 6e33322d7838362f []
    73706f746966792d 74657374696e672e 35303531322e6578 653f757365726e61 [spotify-testing.50512.exe?userna]
    6d653d6f64616c74 6f6e266b65793d33 3936323433646530 3966353262643635 [me=xxxxxx&key=396243de09f52bd65]
    6134323963366330 6333386466346439 3939396331646326 686f73743d677261 [a429c6c0c38df4d9999c1dc&host=gra]
    63652e6c6f6e2e73 706f746966792e6e 6574267069643d33 383931 []
    Upgrade URL:
    * Shutting down gracefully

  12. oliver Says:
    I downloaded the new client from subversion and remade it – i get the client now but i am unable to search..

    Username : xxxxxx
    Country : GB
    Account type : free
    Account expiry : Thu Jan 1 01:00:00 1970
    Host :
    Last ping : Mon Aug 3 15:59:44 2009

    N O T I C E
    You do not have a premium account.
    Spotify services will not be available.

    Available commands:

    list [num] List stored playlists
    rename [num] [string] Rename playlist
    collab [num] Toggle playlist collaboration

    search [string] Search for [string] or get next 100 results
    artist [num] Show information about artist for track [num]
    album [num] List album for track [num]
    uri [string] Display info about Spotify URI
    portrait [num] Save artist portrait to portrait.jpg

    play [num] Play track [num] in the last viewed list
    playalbum [num] Play album for track [num]
    next Play next track in the current list
    stop, pause, resume Control playback

    info Details about your account and current connection
    help This text
    quit Quit

    > search dpe
    Search failed: Error when searching

    > search beach;
    Search failed: Error when searching

    > search
    No previous search

    > artist
    usage: artist [num]

    > uri
    st is a invalid Spotify URI

    > next
    No list to play from. Use ‘list’ or ‘search’ to select a list.

    > ‘search’ test

    help ….

  13. paatos Says:
    Yeah, despotify from subversion cannot search.

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