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Hudson is real smooth

Posted at 14:37 on November 30, 2007

This has got to be the funniest video ever, thanks Boing boing. Am I weird?

Posted at 12:39 on November 30, 2007

A year back, it was parkour everywhere, now I’m
hoping for fixies

Posted at 8:59 on November 30, 2007

The new Bloc Party is real good, the video is wonderfully cheesy

Posted at 8:56 on November 30, 2007

I’m quite surprised with how fast I’ve stopped using Thunderbird in favour
of the gmail web gui

Posted at 8:38 on November 30, 2007

I really have to go to bed. Now.

Posted at 23:24 on November 29, 2007

New picture, I’m the one on the right, the other will probably be on
Twitter in a year or two

Posted at 23:13 on November 29, 2007

Well, until it died…

Posted at 23:11 on November 29, 2007

Trying out gTwitter, seems quick and slick. Just my taste

Posted at 23:04 on November 29, 2007

QCon London announced. I’m going. Are you

Posted at 22:53 on November 29, 2007