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At home alone, not to common these days

Posted at 16:50 on February 28, 2008

Finding a working fax turns out to be challenging

Posted at 15:51 on February 26, 2008

Got a hundred of domain entities to wrestle into a consistent model, time
for work

Posted at 9:26 on February 26, 2008

Making travel arrangements for AMS

Posted at 10:59 on February 25, 2008

Where to find a fax these days. Can’t we find a better way of sending

Posted at 10:58 on February 25, 2008

Man it’s raining, no good for the downhill this weekend

Posted at 13:28 on February 22, 2008

@mherrick66 How about a Macbook with Ubuntu installed?

Posted at 9:21 on February 22, 2008

Off to the pub

Posted at 17:45 on February 21, 2008

MS getting more open and hell gets real cold.

Posted at 17:40 on February 21, 2008

@monkchips That QCon track is shaping up nicely. Great work, looking
forward to it

Posted at 13:03 on February 21, 2008