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17 March 2002


I got this idea from a a Flash site (edit: fazal helped me, it’s They have a really nice navigation that is a very good way of visualizing a tree view in a limited area. So, I thought, this would be a perfect way to take a OPML file and view it using SVG. So, here it is (this is a small example):
OPML file
XSLT file
Resulting SVG file (you need the Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 to see this, animation does not work in Firefox, please email me if you fix it)

There are a few limitations when using this: it’s best to have 4 outline elements as children of the body and max 7 outline elements as children of another outline. And texts can not be to long or they won’t fit. Otherwise it works pretty good. If you use it, please give me your link :-)

tags: SVG