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31 July 2002

Topstyle 3

The last couple of days I’ve been trying out the brand new Topstyle 3 from Nick Bradbury, the creator of Homesite.

If you want to write (X)HTML and CSS in a good way and conform to standards and accessability guideline, and you should, Topstyle is the best editor I’ve seen. By far. Topstyle got a superior editor, great CSS help, Tidy built-in, perfect integration with the great CSE HTML Validator and much more. And it only costs $79.95 and comes with newgroup-based support from Nick himself. It’s an amazing program, go buy it right away and never write crappy HTML/CSS again.

And while you’r at it, use the built-in HTML to XHTML converter and be a really good developer.

tags: Applications