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29 May 2003

Tim Bray on IE

“I Blame Microsoft (I?ve always wanted to use that as a headline. Try it sometime, it feels good.) But really, I do. The problem isn?t that CSS is too hard. The problem isn?t browser incompatibilities in general. The problem is specifically that Microsoft Internet Explorer is a mouldering, out-of-date, amateurish, out-of-date pile of dung. Did I say it?s out-of-date? As in past its sell-by, seen better days, mutton dressed as lamb, superannuated, time-worn. It?s so, like, you know, so twentieth-century.”

That really made my day :-D

Someone else (can’t remember who, remind me if you know) wrote some time ago: “IE, the new Netscape 4”. That’s almost as fun.

tags: Standards