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21 August 2003

CSV 2.1

Corel has released version 2.1 of their SVG viewer. New features include:

  • CAD-like visualization. The context menu now offers a choice between three settings - accurate, light, or heavy - for the rendering of thin lines. Accurate offers users high geometry precision, the light setting will display all thin lines as faint lines; and finally the heavy setting, renders all thin lines as 1px lines. This feature will improve the visualization of converted files from CAD/CGM applications to SVG.
  • Improved Scripting Support: Corel SVG Viewer now provides more support for legacy scripted SVG content. Supporting accessor functions ‘get and set’ so that existing applications created by script writers will continue to run as you include or migrate to Smart Graphics applications. The viewer alos offers support for the ECMAScript Interval and Timeout functions.
  • Improved Performance: Users will experience a speed improvement when viewing SVG files with CSV 2.1.
tags: SVG