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23 January 2005


Today I migrated my personal repository (mostly some documents and a few software projects) from CVS to Subversion 1.0. Installation was very smooth:

  1. apt-get install subversion
  2. apt-get install libapache2-svn
  3. svnadmin create /data/svnroot
  4. chown www-data.www-data /data/svnroot
  5. htpasswd2 niklas
  6. Configure Apache2 to locate the svnroot
  7. Done

After that I simply imported a snapshot of the files, I didn’t care all that much about the history of the files, but if I did I’m sure that the migration scripts would work just fine.

For lots of more information on making this transfer, see this writeup by Simon Tatham, the maintainer of Putty.

I’ll post some more later after I’ve been using svn for some time but so far its looking promising.

tags: Applications