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18 December 2005

links for 2005-12-18

(tags: mythtv linux ubuntu howto tv htpc)

The Geronimo renegade: The push for clustering

(tags: apache geronimo java wadi clustering j2ee to_read)


peer-to-peer based private network that can span NATs.

(tags: vpn p2p network)

IBM information management

(tags: ibm etl information_integrator db2 information_server data_integrator)

More on IBM and SOA

(tags: ibm soa eai esb)

The problems with IBM’s SOA message

(tags: ibm soa)

With SCA, reality bites J2EE again

(tags: ibm bea sca sdo j2ee soa)

IBM mainlines on SOA

(tags: ibm soa)

Maven 2.x Plug-in for Eclipse

(tags: maven java eclipse plugin maven2)

Sams Teach Yourself Shell Programming in 24 Hours

(tags: linux shell unix reference howto)

SCA, JBI and more..

(tags: soa sca jbi)

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