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27 December 2005

links for 2005-12-27

BBC grime pirate radio with DJ Cameo

(tags: radio music grime)

Code::Blocks Studio - Open Source, Cross-platform Free C++ IDE

(tags: c++ c programming ide software)


Remote KDE workstation available via a downloadable client or a applet. Also comes with 1 Gb of storage.

(tags: linux remote)

Mailer v1.0

Mail app where one can specify the sender and receiver. Intended to show how easy it is to spoof a mail.

(tags: mail email security)

Blake Ross: Ten predictions for the new year

(tags: predictions2006)

John Battelle’s Predictions 2006

(tags: predictions2006 predictions)

Jason Calacanis Predictions for 2006

(tags: predictions2006)

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