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30 January 2006

Open SVG Test Suite launched

Two week ago, Cameron McCormack launch the Open SVG Test Suite initiative. It aims at providing a open environment for providing SVG test cases using a liberal license. The current SVG test suite, published by the W3C working group, is fairly limited. The XML Query Test Suite has 9700 tests covering 94% of XML query (a 164 page specification, SVG has 181. SVG, being a very complex (719 pages specification) and on many places ambigous specification, is hard stuff to implement (I’ve did my best). And, as you would guess, these two facts has lead to the current implementations being incompatible in many places. And web developers, hardened from the broker wars, are feed up having to hack their documents to work with the viewers.

So, I truely hope that Camerons project will be a great success. It is required for SVG to finally getting going.

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