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2 March 2006

links for 2006-03-02

Dare Obasanjo on XML schema design

(tags: xml xsd versioning)

Versioning XML Vocabularies

(tags: xml xsd versioning)

2 articles on XML Extensibility and Versioning

(tags: versioning xml xsd)

John’s Background Switcher

Tool for switching the desktop image based on Flickr images

(tags: desktop flickr tools)

W3C XML Schema: DOs and DON’Ts

(tags: xsd xml)

A relaxing approach to XSD

(tags: xml xsd)

WS-* and Queued Messaging

(tags: ws mq mom jms)

Do we need WS-RM and WS-QueuedMessaging?

(tags: ws mq mom jms)

Limitations of WS-* and the need for Queued Messaging

(tags: ws mom mq jms)

ITAC: IT Architect Certification Program

(tags: certification architect architecture career)

More on WS-RM and WS-QueuedMessaging

(tags: ws mom jms mq ws-rm)

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