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19 April 2006

The Ubuntu love is getting deeper

The plans for Ubuntu Dapper +1 - The Edgy Eft has been published. There’s a some good news here. The Ubuntu team is so happy about the stability of the upcoming Dapper release (scheduled for June) that the next version will be left for the development team as a way to test new stuff. This means that Edgy probably won’t be as stable as Dapper, but Ubuntu has two releases per year this should not be a big problem.

I’m currently installing Ubuntu (Breezy) on every server I can get my hands on and I’m very happy with the results. With Dapper the success rate will likely get even better. If the Ubuntu team can play around with Edgy to get some new features in there (Xen would be interesting), then a stable Edgy + 1 will be a heavy contestant to RHES and SLES.

tags: Linux