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28 May 2006

links for 2006-05-28

A discussion on why RCP services over REST-like APIs don’t make sense.

(tags: rest web architecture http webservices ws strest author:duncan_cragg)

UNICODE ate my brain

Great presentation on Unicode, with some focus on the use in XML

(tags: unicode format:pdf xml license:gpl author:john_cowan)

Open Source License Wizard

A wizard to help developers figure out which Open Source licenses to use according to their preferences.

(tags: license opensource author:john_cowan)

JMS Pluggability and Generic RA for JMS

(tags: generic_ra jms wmq author:binod j2ee jca)

Describing Document Types: The Schema Languages of XML - Part 2

Great, detailed presentation on XML schema (XSD, WXS)

(tags: xsd wxs xml_schema relaxng format:pdf author:john_cowan)

Describing Document Types: The Schema Languages of XML - Part 1

Very detailed presentation on Relax NG

(tags: relax_ng xml_schema format:pdf author:john_cowan)

WikiMapia = Wiki + Google maps

(tags: maps wiki googlemaps mashup)

Gentium — a typeface for the nations

An open source font that aims to cover all latin glyphs in Unicode.

(tags: fonts opensource typography unicode)

Stencil Download

(tags: uml visio stencil)

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