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7 June 2006

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(tags: eclipse FIT developerworks testing test junit development by:vishnu_vettrivel)

jdk-distros: installing Java on Ubuntu

(tags: java ubuntu linux howto)

Swedish speed cameras for GPS

(tags: garmin gps poi via:chids)

Nearly All Binary Searches and Mergesorts are Broken

The bug is in this line:

int mid =(low + high) / 2;

In Programming Pearls Bentley says that the analogous line “sets m to the average of l and u, truncated down to the nearest integer.” On the face of it, this assertion might appear correct, but

(tags: algorithms java by:joshua_bloch bug)

Six steps to installing Ubuntu Dapper Drake

(tags: linux ubuntu howto)

Are XML Gateways Really the Answer?

(tags: security webservices SOA xml xml_gateways by:andrew_townley)

Ubuntu Dapper Review

(tags: ubuntu linux review install howto dapper)

How to unit test JMS code

When unit testing code with JMS you typically want to avoid the overhead running separate proceses; plus you want to increase startup time as fast as possible as you tend to run unit tests often and want immediate feedback. Also persistence can often caus

(tags: activemq java jms junit tdd testing)

Marek Pilgrims Linux alternatives to the iXxxx applications

“what are you iPhoto, iMovie, and iTunes replacements?”

(tags: ubuntu linux mac by:mark_pilgrim)

The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server (Dapper Drake)

(tags: apache Dapper debian howto install linux mysql ubuntu lamp)

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