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12 June 2006

Garmin crash and burn

Just tried to do an upgrade of my Garmin GPS (Nüvi 360) to the lastest firmware. Using the web updater available from the Garmin web site I went along. Everything went just fine up to that moment of “Now the GPS will restart and install the upgrade”. Only that it didn’t, instead it just sat there saying the helpful “System software missing”. Panic. Lets try running the upgrader again, can’t find device. Crap. Try calling friends with Garmin GPSes at random, no help (except for Stephan offering me the lend his GPS for our holiday to Italy that starts tomorrow). Google, no help. Call Garmin tech support, get “Really long waitin g time right now, call again some other time”. Google again. Heureka, found this excellent thread. Download some low-level, unofficial Garmin software. Recreating the firmware again. Horray, everything working as expected once again. Pweeh, vacation saved.

Lessons learned:

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