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22 June 2006

Reactions on AMQP

Quite an interesting discussion over at InfoQ. John O’Hara, the inventor of the protocol has pointed to an upcoming site for discussions around the spec as well as hinted to a future donation of the spec to a standards organization. There’s also some discussion on the merits of Stomp compared to AMQP and the value of messaging providers to support AMQP.

Sean McGrath, like me, think that an open standard for messaging is much needed and is amazed that it has taken so long.

Mike Herrick is excited as well, arguing that AMQP might be important for large scale EDA implementations.

Anne Thomas Manes thinks AMQP can be useful with WS-RX and seems generally happy about the proposal. She, like almost everyone, questions if IBM and Tibco will follow along.

William Vambenepe discusses the possible overlap between WS-* and AMQP, especially when it comes to WS-Eventing (WS-Topics).

tags: Messaging/JMS