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10 July 2006

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CORNFS is an attempt at creating a distributed filesystem that mirrors N copies of files across a group of M number of servers. Everything in CORNFS is stored as a file.

(tags: cluster filesystem fs storage by:ian_blenke)

What is an ESB?

(tags: by:andrew_ferrier esb webservices websphere soa wmq wesb was wmb ibm)

Microsoft Windows XP - Command-line reference A-Z

(tags: shell windows reference scripting DOS)

svm - command line interface for remote Subversion repository mirroring

(tags: subversion svn tools svm)

Re: What is YOUR Development Process?

(tags: development methodology)

Essay: The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint

(tags: powerpoint by:edward_tufte books design presentation)

Repairing a corrupt FSFS repository

(tags: by:ian_blenke subversion svn fsfs fsfsverify)

Bitten by the “read length line” error?

(tags: subversion svn fsfs fsfsverify by:john_szakmeister)

Acid 2 in major browsers

(tags: browser css internet standards web webdesign acid)

Architecture Journal

(tags: architecture microsoft journal)

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