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23 July 2006

Subversion troubles

Lately, we’ve been having some issues with Subversion at work. We use SVN for all things that need versioning, mostly code but also documentation and deployed artefacts. Since we’re a fairly small company its not a huge repository (some 45000 total commits, approximatly 150 commits per day). Now, since begining of June some revisions has gone bad resulting in the following error on checkout or update:

Error REPORT request failed on ‘/repos/main/!svn/vcc/default’
Error REPORT of ‘/repos/main/!svn/vcc/default’: Could not read chunk delimeter:
Error Secure connection truncated

“svnadmin verify” outputted the following on examining the affected revision:

“insn 0 starts beyond the target view position”

After some Googling I found this write-up by Ian C. Blenke, describing the same problem as we see. After some discussion on svn-users and the excellent help by John Szakmeister, his fsfsverify tool now catches and fixes our first broken revision. He is still examining a second broken revision that currently breaks fsfsverify. But, since so far there hasn’t been any data corruption seen due to this bug I have high hopes for John being able to create a fix.

Update: John has now updated fsfsverify to also catch and fix our second broken revision.
So, if you’re seeing this problem, report it on svn-users, take a backup of your repository and try out John’s tool.

tags: Subversion - Zystems