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1 August 2006

The move to TextDrive

As posted yesterday, I’ve just moved protocol7 to a now hosting at TextDrive. The primary reason for this was to get support for SubVersion hosting, shell access and cron jobs. I was expecting a lot a trouble with DNSes, stuff gone wrong with the move of content. But, much to my surprise everything worked out very good. For me, DNS got updated in less than five minutes after which everything, besides a missing .htaccess file worked flawlessly.

So far I’m very happy with TextDrive, it’s been working good, they are very transperent when it comes to any issues they have with the servers and the support has been efficient. In this migration I also switched domain hosting to GoDaddy (from the company of-which-will-not-be-spoken). Their online tools to administer my domain also has worked out great.

All in all, a simple and successful migration.

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