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8 August 2006

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Stickies for Windows

(tags: tools software stickies freeware windows)

Quotes on religion

(tags: humour quotes religion philosophy)

Linux Command Line Tips

(tags: linux reference shell cheatsheet)

Crossing borders: REST on Rails

(tags: rubyonrails ruby rest rails webservices by:bruce_tate site:developerworks)


ServingXML is a markup language for expressing XML pipelines, and an extensible Java framework for defining the elements of the language. It defines a vocabulary for expressing flat-XML, XML-flat, flat-flat, and XML-XML transformations in pipelines. Servi

(tags: xml xslt license:lgpl java)

Re: Granting access using setmqaut

Best practice for how to use setmqaut

(tags: wmq security by:todd_r_wyatt ibm)

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