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2 October 2006

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Common REST questions

(tags: rest web webservices architecture)

REST vs. WS Statistics

(tags: by:stefan_tilkov rest webservices ws)

To be or not to be a RESTafarian

(tags: by:loek_bakker rest soa strategy)

Introducing IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository, Part 1: A day in the life of WebSphere Service Registry and Repository in the SOA life cycle

(tags: to:read by:barbara_mckee by:marc-thomas_schmidt by:john_dolgrave by:duncan clark site:developerworks wsrr ibm websphere)

Managing WebSphere Message Broker Resources in a Production Environment

(tags: ibm redbook wmb by:saida_davies by:martin_cernicky by:alywin_bc_ching by:brian_mccarty by:gregorio_patino by:amar_shah)

Defining software architecture roles.

(tags: by:marty_andrews architecture architect roles ea)

Ethereal: Display Filter Reference: WebSphere MQ

(tags: wmq ethereal protocol)


(tags: jms ra j2ee bea)

What were we thinking?

Discussion on the value of protocol independence in the SOAP stack.

(tags: by:nicholas_gall soap webservices http rest soa)

The Maven 2 POM demystified

(tags: by:eric_redmond maven maven2 pom java to:read)

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