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22 October 2006

OpenID in the news

Some exciting news on OpenID adoption the last couple of days (for me anyways). First of, Technorati is now supporting OpenID for claiming your blog with more stuff coming soon. The Techcrunch article about Technorati also mentions that the big players are participating in discussions on OpenID. I think it would make perfect sense for someone like Google or Yahoo do like Verisign and start providing OpenID identies to their already existing users.

The Technorati page contained a link to a new OpenID plugin for Wordpress. This one is way more clever than the one I previously used and requires no theme hackery what so ever (just install and you’r done). So, I reverted my hacked theme back to square one and installed the plugin. All done and OpenID authentication is working like a charm. At least that’s what my tests show, feel free to give me feedback on any troubles or improvements!

Last but not least, Normal Walsh seems to like OpenID as well. I’ll leave with his final words that perfectly well reflects my sentiments.

Next time you build a web application that needs a login, consider OpenID.

tags: Identity - OpenID - Security