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9 November 2006

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(tags: java faq iaq reference)

JSESSIONID considered harmful

(tags: java security servlet jsessionid session j2ee http)

Re: RFC for REST?

Roy T. Fielding on the early history of REST and HTTP

(tags: by:roy_t_fielding rest http history)

FedEx Plane Network Visualisation

(tags: fedex airplane visualization)

A real example of a Dynamic MBean

(tags: by:eamonn_mcmanus jmx mbean)

Authentication aliases

(tags: by:david_currie was websphere_adapter jndi security authentication jacl jython)


(tags: by:bill_de_hora html parser python tagsoup)


(tags: rest soap webservice http xml pox by:sam_ruby)


Pragmatic Clustering

(tags: java cluster confluence j2ee by:mike_cannon-brookes)

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