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15 November 2006

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Why we say “no” to your ideas

(tags: by:leo_simons apache infrastructure wiki)

Enable WPA Wireless access point in Ubuntu Linux

(tags: ubuntu linux wireless wpa wifi network howto)

Performance Bloopers

The java.lang.String.substring(…) method is usually implemented by creating a new String object that points back to the same underlying char[] as the receiver, but with different offset and length values. Therefore, if you take a very large string, crea

(tags: java performance)

iPOD update error 1417 with Windows

(tags: ipod windows)

Digg’s MySQL Internationalisation Gotcha

(tags: mysql utf8 database internationalization i18n by:timeless digg)

The Best 1,000 Movies Ever Made - Reviews

(tags: movies list site:nyt)

OBEY Ubuntu - Posters, print out your own!

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