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22 November 2006

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(tags: cryptography security side_channel_attach by:bruce_schneier)

The new Java Memory Model

(tags: java concurrency memory jvm jmm by:brian_goetz)

How not to suck at your presentation

(tags: by:david_megginson presen presentation)

Messaging engine data sources

(tags: by:david_currie wpm jms jetstream sib jdbc xa)

Tuning / Network Connections

(tags: performance network)

Hurry Up and TIME_WAIT

(tags: tcp time_wait network netstat)

Re: Help with v6 services

Help on how to run applications that require standard in input as an MQ service

(tags: wmq ibm)

IY79142: Channels fail with AMQ9631 when using a Global Server Certificate

(tags: wmq ibm ssl security certificate)

WebSphere MQ V6, WebSphere Message Broker V6, and SSL

(tags: ibm security wmb ssel redbook by:saida_davies by:emir_garza by:vicente_suarez)

(tags: resume jobs cv career)

Flickr: Camera Finder

(tags: flickr photography camera photo)

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