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13 December 2006

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(tags: mtb göteborg)


(tags: mtb göteborg)

Ginger Spice, Änggården Göteborg

(tags: mtb göteborg)

Web Services & WS_* Specifications

Oh please end this pain now

(tags: webservice standards)

Interview: Pete Lacey Criticizes Web Services

(tags: soa soap webservices rest wsdl by:pete_lacey by:stefan_tilkov site:infoq)

SSL, certificate, and key management enhancements for even stronger security in WebSphere Application Server V6.1

(tags: was ssl security ibm websphere)

Java Generics and Collections: Books: Maurice Naftalin,Philip Wadler

(tags: books java generics to:wish site:amazon)

Glömda rum….

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