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15 December 2006

links for 2006-12-15

(tags: maven ant java build by:zarar_siddiqi)

SAP promises to deliver ‘Big SOA’ — then what?

(tags: sap soa)

New W3C XML Schema Test Suite

(tags: saxon xsd xml_schema schema test by:michael_kay)

Real-World Passwords

(tags: security passwords by:bruce_schneier)

Managing the Java classpath (Windows)

(tags: java classpath tutorial site:developerworks by:elliotte_rusty_harold windows)

Managing the Java classpath (UNIX and Mac OS X)

(tags: java classpath linux unix site:developerworks by:elliotte_rusty_harold)

REST and Message Security

(tags: rest security webservices ssl by:dare_obasanjo)

Practical data binding: XPath as data binding tool, Part 1

(tags: xpath data java site:developerworks xml by:brett_mclaughlin)

Newcomb’s paradox

(tags: thought_experiments)

Administrative command framework programming guide for WebSphere Application Server


(tags: was jython wsadmin ibm websphere by:leigh_williamson by:john_chang by:amy_lin by:alex_huang by:vishwanath_venkataramappa)

W3C Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Test Suite

(tags: svg test test_suite w3c graphics)

Data Conversion under WebSphere MQ

(tags: wmq ibm websphere data_conversion unicode ebcdic ccsid ascii)

Validation considered harmful

(tags: xml validation schema rest by:mark_baker)

When to use ASF and non-ASF modes to process messages in WebSphere Application Server

(tags: was asf wmq jms ibm websphere site:developerworks by:paul_titheridge)

How to Design a Good API & Why it Matters

(tags: design api java by:joshua_bloch site:infoq video lecture)


(tags: poster fun)

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