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20 December 2006

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(tags: patterns soa mdm ibm site:developerworks by:guenter_sauter by:bill_mathews by:mei_selvage by:eoin_lane to:read)

Cache mediation pattern specification

(tags: to:read cache patterns soa ibm site:developerworks by:yan_fang_rao by:ru_fang by:zhong_tian by:eoin_lane by:harini_srinivasan by:timothy_banks by:he_lei)

Web services response template pattern: a specification

(tags: ibm patterns soa wsrt site:developerworks by:eoin_lane to:read)

The requester side caching pattern specification

(tags: ibm patterns soa cache site:developerworks by:harini_srinivasan by:james_conallen by:eoin_lane to:read)

SOA Patterns

(tags: patterns soa by:arnon_rotem-gal-oz)

REST - The Better Web Services Model

(tags: rest video webservices http by:stefan_tilkov)

IBM software early programs - IBM Java 6 Early Release Program

(tags: ibm java jvm jdk6)

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