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16 January 2007 "Open in tabs" issue

I’m a heavy user of the extension for Firefox. One thing I really love is to open up the boomarks (click the checker button on the toolbar), enter a search string and find what I need.

This weekend however, I had to prepare a presentation on IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (great name, isn’t it). Since I was going to sit in the library, without any network access (that’s how I get boring work done) I needed all my bookmarked pages pre-loaded. So, I opened up the wsrr tag and right-clicked and choose “Open in tabs”. Lo and behold, not only did it open my bookmarks, it also closed my already existing 50-or-so tabs. Not so great.

The developers take bug reports and feedback on a Yahoo Group so I posted my problem there. And, a few days later I got this reply saying that this actually happens due to a change in a Firefox update. Workaround provided and tested to work as expected. While I certainly don’t agree with the default behavior, it’s at least nice that you can change it.

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