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28 January 2007

Integration days

Thursday and Friday was the Zystems Integration Days for 2007. I think this is the fourth time we’re having them and they have grown considerably. This year, more than 180 customers, partners and internals participated. Since I’m really still on parental leave, I had a fairly easy schedule this year with only one presentation, on WebSphere Service Registry and Repository. I think it went fairly well, actually managed to stay on time and even squeze in a little demo. The only technical hickup was when switching over to my VMWare image for the demo, it changed the resoluation on the projector so that any text in the GUI during the demo was pretty much unreadable. Didn’t see that coming.

But, most fun at these type of occasions is just meeting up with people you’ve worked with over the last couple of years. It now seems to be a pretty large bunch.

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