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28 January 2007

Wow... that is wow

Nick Gall, a Gartner VP spills it:

“Unfortunately, Web Services, at least the WS-* style, are “Web” in name only. While WS-* enables tunneling over HTTP (used merely as an XML message transport), in almost every important aspect, WS-* violates (or at best ignores) the architectural principles of the Web”


“It is my position that the W3C should extricate itself from further direct work on SOAP, WDSL, or any other WS-* specifications and redirect its resources into evangelizing and standardizing identifiers, formats, and protocols that exemplify Web architectural principles. This includes educating enterprise application architects how to design “applications” that are “native” web applications.”

While I certainly could not agree more, it is interesting to see that even the big-shots bow agree, in public. That W3C workshop might turn out to be a defining moment in how the web and web services are regarded among the broad base of developers and architects. I sure did not think so when the talk about it started.

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