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30 January 2007

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(tags: async webservices wsa by:dave_orchard)

Compatibility work

(tags: versioning xmlschema xsd by:dave_orchard)

Huge Online Bank Heist

(tags: security nordea by:bruce_schneier)

What’s New in Prototype 1.5?

(tags: javascript prototype ajax by:scott_raymond)

EOOXML objections

(tags: xml microsoft office standards ooxml odf)

Deadline Looms to Express Concerns about ECMA 376 Office Open XML

(tags: microsoft odf office ooxml xml site:groklaw)

Michael.NET: Sysinternals Suite Published

(tags: sysinternals utilities windows microsoft via:mark_pilgrim)

WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus deployment patterns, Part 2: My first WebSphere Process Server cluster

(tags: wps wesb ibm websphere site:developerworks by:karri_carlson-neumann by:charlie_redlin)

Life Is Complicated

(tags: microsoft odf ooxml wikipedia by:tim_bray)

Maven GPG Plugin

(tags: maven maven2 gpg plugin)

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