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31 January 2007

links for 2007-01-31

(tags: http rest web format:svg by:alan_dean)

how to run dynamic ssh tunnels

(tags: ssh linux tips tunnel via:mark_pilgrim)

Web Services are Not Slow

(tags: xfire axis webservices performance)

W3C TAG White Paper for Workshop on Web of Services for Enterprise Computing

(tags: wos_workshop tag webservices)

Reliablity and Performance: WS-RM vs. RESTful HTTP

(tags: rest wsrm webservices performance by:dan_diephouse)

Service Integration Bus Performance

(tags: performance sib software was websphere ibm by:david_granshaw via:david_currie)

GooSync Home Page

(tags: calendar google sync mobile pda software freeware)

GTD with RTM: Getting Things Done with Remember The Milk

(tags: gtd productivity rememberthemilk lifehacks)

Creating and Signing a Distribution

(tags: apache_release maven gpg struts)

Apache UIMA - Creating Distributions

(tags: apache_release maven gpg uima)

It is Hard to be a Dove

(tags: architecture soa rest soap webservices by:pete_lacey)

Dave Orchard Thinks I’m Mistaken

(tags: rest schema xsd webservices soap by:pete_lacey)

Reinventing the WS Stack

(tags: rest webservices soap soa architecture by:pete_lacey)

Honey Nut Insanity

“In the end, of course Cheerios come out on top but it hardly tells you anything you didn’t know before - as the only solid food in the experiment you might equally read the result as, Cheerios - better for you than starvation”

(tags: food fun humor cheerios)

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