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5 February 2007

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(tags: unix reference linux sysadmin tools os aix hpux bsd solaris true64)

OpenXML Translator (ODF Add-in for Word)

(tags: odf microsoft office word)

Dynamic routing improvements in WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus V6.0.2

(tags: esb wesb ibm websphere site:developerworks by:greg_flurry)

Using collections in WebSphere Service Registry and Repository to resolve versioned imports, Part 1: Creating and managing versioned documents

(tags: wsrr websphere ibm by:bernard_z_kufluk by:ian_heritage site:developerworks)

Building an Enterprise Service Bus using WebSphere ESB, Part 3

(tags: wesb ibm websphere by:rachel_reinitz by:andre_tost site:developerworks)

The top Java EE best practices

(tags: j2ee java patterns was ibm site:developerworks by:keys_botzum by:kyle_brown by:ruth_willenborg by:albert_wong)

A Uniform Resource Name (URN) Namespace for Tag Metadata

(tags: atom feed rss urn tag by:tim_bray)


(tags: java i18n excel resourcebundle tool license:asl)

How to Be Organized

(tags: organization lifehacks gtd)

Service Identification - Top-Down or Bottom-Up?

(tags: soa webservices ibm site:developerworks)

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