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14 April 2007

links for 2007-04-14

(tags: python programming algorithms spellcheck spelling)

Can Servlet Containers Scale? 16,000 Concurrent Connections using Tomcat 6!

(tags: tomcat performance java servlet nio scaling benchmark)

Testivus - Testing For The Rest Of Us

(tags: testing tdd development agile by:alberto_savoia)

Defying Classification: My List(s) Of Working Programmer’s Books

(tags: books programming by:malcolm_tredinnick)

Creating customized classification systems with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository V6.0.0.1

(tags: wsrr ibm websphere owl sacl by:ian_shore)

Automating Journal Management in WebSphere MQ for iSeries

(tags: iseries wmq ibm websphere by:mark_phillips)

Using JCA

(tags: ibm wmq websphere jca jboss was geronimo)

TSVN Menu Firefox Extension

(tags: firefox svn subversion extension tsvn license:gpl)

Getting started with OSGi: Your first …

(tags: eclipse java osgi tutorial by:neil_bartlett)

Messaging only APIs need to go, JPA needs to step up

(tags: jms jpa java j2ee by:billy_newport)

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