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19 April 2007

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(tags: java jvm performance memory tuning resin profiling)

Patched svndumpfilter2

(tags: svn subversion svndumpfilter svndumpfilter2 by:bill_de_hora)

moo | we love to print

(tags: cards printing flickr businesscards)

Simplifying performance and stress testing with MQJavaRoundTrip

(tags: java ibm wmb wmq performance site:developerworks by:kevin_braithwaite by:marc_carter)

Sessions and transactions

(tags: hibernate java transaction session jta database j2ee)

Wiki Overview

(tags: hibernate wiki tutorial j2ee howto)

Hacking Ubuntu to Improve Performance

(tags: ubuntu linux performance)

Open Session in View

(tags: hibernate java session patterns database orm)

Generic Data Access Objects

(tags: hibernate dao java patterns database orm j2ee)

Microsoft’s amusing standards stance

(tags: standards microsoft odf openxml by:håkom_vium_lie)

Wijnjas Ostkällare

(tags: wijnjas food cheese stockholm)


(tags: hibernate java orm example caveatemptor)

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