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22 April 2007

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Wanted: A Windows Edition for Power and Professional Users

(tags: windows vista by:sam_gentile :)

Project Faban

(tags: java performance benchmarking testing loadtesting license:cddl)

svnsync: mirror your svn repository

(tags: subversion svn svnsync howto)

using svnsync

(tags: subversion svn svnsync howto)


(tags: subversion svn svnsync)

How to Mirror a Subversion Repository

(tags: subversion svn howto backup)

Tsung - High-Performance Enterprise Benchmark Tool - Process-one

(tags: tsung benchmark performance license:gpl)

Guiffy - Diff tool, Merge tool, Folder Compare and Cross-Platform too.

(tags: diff merge java guiffy)

[Acegisecurity-developer] OpenID support added to sandbox!

(tags: acegi spring openid)

Spring Project CI Builds

(tags: spring ci bamboo)

Subversion 1.4.3 package

(tags: subversion ubuntu howto)

Apache Open Letter to Sun

(tags: java asf harmony sun open_letter jspa)

tags: Quicklinks