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9 July 2007

Known from TV

Today, we had a house call from the major news show at the national Swedish television. They’re making a segment on and wanted to interview us on why we choose to use it. The reporter found us from me and Eva blogging when first starting to use the site. Luckily, I managed to almost completely escape to camera, Eva took the biggest hit.

The topics of the questions focused on how we found Kiva and why one would choose Kiva over a more traditional poverty fighting organization. The also interviewed another guy in Stockholm, should be interesting to watch.

Should air on the news tomorrow, it will be interesting how their story ends up and how Eva looks on TV :-). The segment should appear online, I’ll add a link when it does. Okay, it aired today and is up on the web. Based on Eva’s face I really wonder what is on that screen :-)

tags: Kiva - Personal