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18 September 2007

GDocs Presentations theming

As widely reported, Google today launched their PowerPoint/Impress equivalent over at GDocs. I’m a happy user of GDocs, so this is something I’m quite interested in. Not that I’m creating that many presentations, but when I do, this could be a useful tool.

One thing, that I find odd that they don’t seem to have implemented, is a way of creating your own themes. Conventional wisdom seems to say that presentations should be heavily sprinkled with your company logos (although some that actually knows this stuff seems to disagree). Not being able to create your own theme would put a lot of users of. Of course, Google offers some pre-defined themes, much like the useless templates you will find on Powerpoint or Impress. And, if you import a PPT file, it will actually use the theme from the PPT as the theme in GDocs, however, there seems to be no way of editing or reusing it. Odd.

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