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13 October 2007


As I’ve mentioned before, as part of switching job, I also moved all my email usage to GMail. Since I had some 2 Gb of Outlook .pst files sitting around since before, I thought I should attempt to move these over to GMail. Having them available for searching would be most valuable.

With the help of Scott Hanselman’s guide to moving to Google Apps , I found gMove. gMove is a clever hack that works around GMails import limitation by moving your emails to a special purpose POP server that gMove runs. It also uses the GMail API to automatically set up an POP account and the necessary filters to label your imported emails. It then scans your Outlook folders using the Outlook API and starts moving mail over. Once I got going, the import to gMove took a weekend. My emails then started dripping into GMail. The POP import in GMail has a throttle of about two mails per minute. As I was moving some 35000 emails, I had to sit down and wait for a while. 12 days to be more exact. Lucky I’m not this guy .

But they got over and are now available for all my searching needs. And backed up using the GMail POP server of course.

Turns out this put me very close to filling the available 2911 Mb of space that GMail offered. So, this announcement could not have been more timely.

Now I’m looking into getting my very first emails from my account at Linköping University. The account looks like its still around, hopefully the emails are as well.

Picture by Brian Scott under a CC license

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