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27 October 2007

Building CouchDB on Gutsy

Today I installed a very basic Gutsy box just to try out some stuff. The first thing was to try out the new CouchDB features, including their new build system. I used the instructions by Ciaran Gultnieks with a few small changes. Worked excellent.

` sudo apt-get install libicu36 libicu36-dev libreadline5-dev sudo apt-get install subversion-tools xsltproc automake libtool sudo apt-get install erlang svn co couchdb cd couchdb ./bootstrap ./configure –with-erlang=/usr/lib/erlang make sudo make install `

As you noticed, the differences are that I needed to install Erlang and Debian/Ubuntu sticks it in /usr/lib/erlang rather than /usr/local/lib/erlang. I also used the latest trunk, not a fixed revision. After building, you start it with:

` couchdb `

After which you can connect to CouchDB at http://localhost:8888 and specifically the new amazing util client at http://localhost:8888/_utils/. CouchDB is very slick.

tags: couchdb