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22 November 2007


“SOA projects tend to attract two things: Taj Mahal architects and parasitic vendors. (My words, not Jim’s.) The combined efforts of these two groups results in monumentally expensive edifices that don’t deliver value. Worse still, these efforts consume work and attention that could go to building services aligned with the real business processes, not some idealized vision of what the processes ought to be”

Jim Webber interpreted byMichael Nygard. Couldn’t have said it better myself (no really, I couldn’t). I just reviewed a customer document that in so many ways reflect on this very reality. So much that it’s saddening.

Now, I might not agree with the implementation choices made by Jim (that would be SOAP all over) but I find that his Guerrilla SOA in many ways fit with my current thinking around how to approach integration. Go watch his presentation from QCon and Øredev. Everything up to slide 18 is bang on target.

Btw, make sure you read Michaels book, Release It! It should be taught in schools.

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