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2 January 2008

State of the todos

A year ago, I posted my personal todos for 2007. Before doing the same for 2008, it’s time for some book keeping. Now, how did I do.

Web hacking: recent years has been very focused on integration/SOA/messaging kind of stuff. So much I’m actually hungry from some web development again.

On my way: switching job is a major part in this, as is getting involved in some open source projects.

Release: FtpServer 1.0 should be released. Some of the stuff in my private SVN repos should emerge in the open.

Done: for various reasons, FtpServer wasn’t actually released, but even better, it was graduated from the Apache Incubator (more on that later). Also, some of my private pojects has been published, but I need to write more on that *add todo*

Scripting: get decent at at least one scripting language. I know JavaScript pretty well (due to earlier excursions into web hacking) but I would really need to refresh it, or get really good at Ruby like everyone else seems to.

On my way: still learning Ruby and Rails. But my focused has shifted somewhat so I’m currently focusing on Scala. This is mostly due to my interest in highly scalable and distributed systems.

Switch: The last three years I’ve been saying “this year I’ll switch to Linux as my main OS”. Thanks to Ubuntu, this year I actually think it might happen.

Done: finally a happy Ubuntu user.

Blog more: well, that’s pretty self explanatory, 2006 was crap. Won’t be that hard to get better.

Not really: 2007 wasn’t a great year for my writting, although it was better than 2006. More on this for 2008.

Discuss more: I’m a lurker on a ton of mailing lists and blogs. However, I do not post frequently on more then three or so. This should change, I should get more involved on the stuff I’m interested in.

Not really: like blogging above, expect more here for 2008.

Get to know more people: there’s a ton of people in this industry that I deeply respect. I should get to know more of them. This goal also includes going to more conferences in 2007 (the end result for 2006 was bad, 1).

Not really: I keep repeating myself. However, this is looking better for 2008, already the first conference booked.

Read more books: last year was a terrible reading year for me, probably the low point for at least the last two decades. I read a ton of stuff on the web, but actually sitting down to read a book has a lot of additional values to me.

Done: 2007 meant a lot more reading for me, very happy about that.

Catch up on biology: my university training was in molecular biology. Since switching field I feel like I’m quickly forgetting stuff I knew by heart before. This year I will start reading more on biology and science in general again.

Not really: I’m hoping for my new job to help me get back into this area, however it will likely take some time, probably not for 2008.

Spend more time outdoors: this year I’m really going to drag Eva and Albin out to do more trekking and hiking than last year. Not that hard given that we didn’t do any thing at all.

Done: I spent a lot of time outdoors this year, unfortunately mostly on my bike and not with the family. In two months we’re moving to within meters from the great woods, that should help.

Do continuous exercise: last summer got pretty hectic when we decided on doing the Swedish mountain bike marathon and I realized I wasn’t nearly fit enough for it. Since we’re doing it again this year, I should keep up the training for the entire year.

Done: Training was great this year, lots of biking. And I’ve continued all into the winter.

Finish games: right now I got five or so console games that I’m in the middle of. I really need to finish them so I can move on to Wii :-) Here I’ll also include getting stable at Prince level in Civ4.

Not even close: This area has only gotten worse :-( We got a pretty unused XBox 360 and Wii, have to make more time for gaming, tons of exciting games coming out all the time. Got to finish Halo 3 and buy Guitar Hero and Super Mario Galaxy.

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