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13 January 2008

FtpServer finally graduates

After way to long time in the Apache Incubator, one of the open-source projects in which I’m involved, FtpServer has finally graduated. Our new home is as a subproject under Apache MINA. MINA, being one of my favorite projects, feels like the perfect home. Ever since I wrote an FtpServer Listener implementation based on MINA, I’ve been amazed by how well design the API is.
Since the FtpServer community recently voted to drop our support for Java 1.4, that means we can drop our blocking IO implementation. So, I’m currently in the progress of rewriting our code to make full use of MINA, rather than treating as yet another IO API. Its been great. I’ve been able to drop a large set of ill-designed classes which should make our code significantly easier to work with.
Being part of MINA also means that we will be more visible to more developers, something that will hopefully help us build a larger community. The future for the project is looking bright.

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