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21 January 2008

Todos for 2008

Alright, it’s about time to write up my todos for this year. Last year I did okay, but not great. This year, it’s time to improve a notch. Also, this year I intend to actually put a quantifiable goal on some of the todos. So without further ado.

Diversify my tasks at work

While I already started down this road in the end of 2007 by switching employer, this year is important for me. I hope to do projects of a wider variety than before.

Finish up my reference application

I got this reference application that I’ve used for prototyping new technologies. However, it needs a heavy face lift to really provide me with enough code and functionality to try out some of the more complex stuff, right now for example Spring-OSGI^H^H^H^H Dynamic Modules.

Learn Scala and dive deeper into Ruby

I’m very interested in the concurrency models of languages like Erlang and Scala. And since Scala is syntactically closer to my background, it’s my choice. For this year, I intend to learn the basics, port my reference app and maybe start up a new open-source project based on Scala. For now I won’t talk more on that, but I got an interesting idea that I would like to try out.

Ruby is my favorite scripting language and this year I hope to start using it for production code rather than play projects.

Blog more

This one keeps coming back each year. But then again, I really need it. For this year, I intend to write 150 posts. That’s very ambitious for me, but should be doable.

Participate more

I had this goal last year and did terrible. This year, again, I intend to be less of a lurker and participate more in discussions that interest me. This includes mailing lists, conferences and personal meetings.

Exercise regularly

Here I did real good last year. This year, with two kids, I realize I won’t be able to get out as much. However, I still hope for 80 sessions, most of which will be MTB.

Get back into DJing

I love DJing. So do Eva. But for some years now, we haven’t had any turntables. With the move to our new house, we now get some space for having a set. This will be the enjoyable goal of all to accomplish.

Cook more and better

I also love cooking food. But, I tend to get a bit boring, doing that same old dishes all the time. This year, with a great new kitchen, I will experiment more.

We’re pretty good at buying ecological food. Being vegetarians, that means vegetables. This year I intend to get even better at choosing ecological and locally produced products whenever possible.

Now, what are your goals for 2008?

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