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22 January 2008

Great SOA presentation getting stuck in my queue

Half a year ago, I got a copy of a presentation from a former colleague. It was from the then recent Open Group conference and was presented by Bert Hooyman of MphasiS. It covers the risks involved in running your company through the now (too) common SOA initative. The presentation, to me, reflects well on some of the limits you will run into as you implement your SOA strategy. It also suggests that an event driven architecture would be a better fit for your enterprise wide integration needs. Again, something I would tend to agree with. As The Open Group doesn’t seem to publish the presentations (so much for Open I guess), I asked Bert if he could. And he very graciously did so. Go read it, it’s well worth the time.

(This post has been sitting as a draft for quite some time, sorry about the latency):

Update: looks like there is a problem with the MpasiS site, probably temporary

tags: Messaging/JMS - SOA