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22 March 2008

Menu of the senses

Last week, I was delighted to be invited by one of my clients to a dinner at Kock & vin (in Swedish). The name is a word play on “Coq au vin”, which would be typical for the humor around here. This was just three days after they were awarded the best wine restaurant in Sweden, and two days after they got their first start in Guide Michelin. Certainly a good week for them, and an excellent dinner for us. Inspired by Mårtens never ending stream of great dinners (in Swedish).

This was the menu I had, somewhat adapted from the regular menu due to me not eating meat or bird:

Deep fried oyster from Grebbestad, seared scallop, smoked egg with chlorophyll of spinach and parsley

2005 Sancerre Jean-Max Roger. Loire, France.


Baked back of ling with horseraddish cream and cabbage with powder of rosted Arabica

2006 Couvent de Jacobin Blanc Louse Jadot. Bourgogne, France.


Lukewarm langoustine with pure of white beans and soy beans

2005 Chenin Blanc. Bellingham, South Africa.


Caviar of lumpsucker marinated with fennel grated pumpkin seeds and sour cream


Pam fried hake with a sauce of brown butter and soya, poached egg yolk, cauliflower couscous and lemon marinated raw shrimps

2003 Les Traverse Paul Jabolet. France.


Sorbet of seabuckthorn with presses carrots

2005 Pacherenc du Vic Bilh. Ch. dÁydie, France.


Ice cream of coconut milk with passionfruit jam covered with warm manjari chocolate foam

2003 Casteñao Dulce. Yecia, Spain.

In every detail a great dinner, one of the very best I’ve had. Strongly recommended if you happen to pass by Göteborg.

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